Adirondack Hiking and Camping

Photographs by Shaun O'Boyle

Some of the smaller mountains in the Adirondacks yield the nicest views, Big Slide and Yard are a good example, the hike up Big Slide is a fairly easy climb and combining it with a loop over Yard makes a nice day hike. The views of the Great Range from here is great if you get a nice clear day.

View of the Great Range from one of the slides on Big Slide.

This view from ledges on the summit of Yard is one of my favorites, it shows Marcy, Colden and Algonquin left to right.



Elk Lake from the summit of Dix. Dix is one of the harder trailed Adirondack high peaks to climb because it requires a long hike to get to the base of the mountain. It's about a 14 mile round trip and 3200 ft of climbing.



Another shot from Black Brook.




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