Egypt -Mount Sinai

Photographs by Shaun O'Boyle

The climb up Mount Sinai was one of the best experiences in Egypt.

There is one place to stop for a rest and refreshment along each way to the summit. This little oasis is run by some of the locals Bedouins in a fantastic little valley half way up the mountain. Soda, water, crackers and tinned food are on the menu. 

Wendy nearing the summit and the end of the long climb up the stairs.

The summit of Mount Sinai and the chapel that is there. 
View from the chapel window
The camel path route with the summit of the mountain rearing behind. This is the longer route around to the summit, easier on the knees but takes longer to walk. This is the camel route to the summit although we did not see any camels the day we were there.




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