Kenya - photographs by Shaun and Wendy O'Boyle

mara1.JPG (39189 bytes) After traveling in Egypt for over a month Wendy and I flew from Cairo to Nairobi. We spent a few days in Nairobi walking all around the city, enjoying some really good food and soaking in the humid east african air which was refreshing after the dry heat of the Sahara in Egypt. We started hunting for camping safaris from  budget safari companies. There are many safari companies to choose from, the safari touts are all over Nairobi trying to sell safaris to the tourists.  The safaris include tents, food, a cook and a driver and are quite reasonably priced. The catch is you have to pitch in and set up your own tent and help around camp with minor chores, well worth it and for me this is the best way to go on safari. 
Six of us plus driver and cook set off from Nairobi in a van.  We were out for a week long safari to Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboselli National Park, as well as a short visit to the Nairobi National Park. This photograph is of our camp site at Lake Nakuru, a beautiful spot among the tall trees and with a lot of wildlife wandering around the camp. Many baboons and monkeys were around. The thing to see at Nakuru is the flamingos by the thousands feeding in the shallow soda lakes. Also many marabu storks and a wide variety of birds. In camp there were many animals, baboons would come into camp sniffing around the garbage cans looking for a free meal. Monkeys were in the trees as well. 
This is camp in Masai Mara national park. A Masai village was next door to the camp so there were masai coming to the campsite and hanging around with us during the day between game drives. They also kept an eye on the camp at night to keep elephants away from the tents. 
A typical day on safari entails a early morning game drive, the animals are most active during the cool morning and evening hours. So we set off before breakfast and take a couple hour game drive looking for the big animals. The driver knew the area well and soon found a female lioness with two cubs feeding on a zebra. The lioness was so gorged on the zebra meat she was just lying on the ground breathing very hard, large belly distended.