The Berkshires (and the surrounding area)

I have lived in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts  most of my life. I suppose it is about time I put up a few photographs from my home area. These are just the few I have scanned at this time, more will follow. I will try to identify the photographs location so people looking for info about the area will have a  better idea what they can see when visiting. Wendy is also looking in her archives, and as always we are out and about enjoying and photographing the beautiful Berkshires we call home. 

Harvest time in Dalton. 

Diary bar on Route 8 between Adams and North Adams, good fish fry. 

Lunch break in southern vermont. There are some excellent drives to be done from the Berkshires up into southern Vermont and returning by different routes. Fall is a great time for these.

Roadside corn field near harvest time.