The Boatyard
(the elephants graveyard)


The Boatyard is a collection of a hundred different stories all being told at the same time. It reminds me of a group of old men gathered at a retirement home, none of them wanting to be there, and each telling their own life story.  Each boat is telling bits and pieces of  its history, dropping hints and clues about what it did in its past.  The details and histories of these boats have drifted off with the working crews and captains, and have been all but lost, the only clues are the ones they tell now, sitting idle in the mud measuring the rhythm of the tides. This photo essay is an exploration of the language of the boats, allowing the boats to comment through images and details.  The boats tend to get more interesting as they age, revealing complex layers and strata, the textures and materials of their construction.  This is part of their unique language and character, and these photographs can be seen as portraits to capture these rare personalities.