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Commercial use of photos

If you want to use my photographs for promotional, advertising or other uses I would like compensation for the use of my photographs prior to you using them. Please contact me and we can discuss the reasonable fee I would charge for this use.

If you are considering using any photographs on this site as reference material for a commercial production such as an animation, stage design, game design, comic strip, story writing and other like uses, that is considered artistic reference and is subject to a usage fee since you are gaining a commercial benefit from my work. Please contact me so we can discuss the reasonable fees I charge for this type of usage.

All photographs, text and html coding appearing in the oboylephoto.com web site are the exclusive intellectual property of Shaun O'Boyle unless otherwise indicated and are protected under United States and international copyright laws. The intellectual property MAY NOT BE DOWNLOADED except by normal viewing process of the browser except as indicated below for personal home page usage.

Non-commercial Web use of photos

I don't mind people using my photographs for non-commercial use on their own personal home pages as long as you give me credit for the photograph and provide a link to my home page as described below.  If you are using the photographs to make money somehow, or in promotional or advertising material then it is considered Commercials use, see above. Acceptable HTML to paste into your page next to or just below EACH photographs is

<p>Photograph(s) copyright <a href="http://www.oboylephoto.com">Shaun O'Boyle</a></center></p>

Photograph(s) copyright Shaun O'Boyle

If you have other non commercial requests for usage please contact me and we can discuss your particular usage prior to downloading the images.

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The elements of a correct copyright notice must include your name, the year of the copyright, the word copyright, and to be safe the copyright symbol. Your work is covered without this notice the moment the image is formed upon releasing the camera shutter, but it seems a good idea to use the copyright notice anyway in case it comes to litigation. Registering your images with the copyright office is an additional recommended precaution for photographers.



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