Costa Rica

We spent 3 nights at  Selva Verde, a hotel and eco-resort located along the banks of the Rio Sarapiqui in the northern lowlands. The Sarapiqui goes on to form the border with Nicaragua and flows into the Caribbean Sea. We took several treks in the primary rain forest while staying here. We spotted a band of howler monkeys and this double toothed kite on one trek. The kite would follow the monkeys around waiting for the small prey they might scare up with their noisy gregarious behavior. 

Plant life is abundant around selva verde, the place has a definite manicured look to it with many well tended covered pathways through the grounds. Definitely handy during the frequent downpours. We could walk from our room to the dining hall, not a short walk, completely under covered walkways.

A wasp nest on the underside of a large banana leaf. 




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