I  n  d  i  a

Photographs by Wendy and Shaun O'Boyle

Mumbai (Bombay), we arrived from Nairobi on the over-night red eye, and it was an eye opener driving from the airport into the city. It is true culture shock coming from several months in Africa into the chaos, noise, smell, poverty and beauty of India.  There is not much that could prepare you for India, it is truly a unique place, it will test your limits on many fronts. 

I didn't photograph many of the painful sites I saw in India, at times I just didn't have the heart to thrust my camera in the face of people who are obviously suffering and who are already very likely being exploited in other ways, so hence I came home with few good(?) people photographs. Guess I wouldn't make it at national geographic. We stayed near Sassoon dock and take my advice, you definitely want to be upwind of the pungent Sassoon dock area. It will redefine your definition of "a fishy smell".

We spent nearly a week in Mumbai walking the streets, making day trip such as this one out to Elephanta Island where there are found temples hand carved from the living rock. 

Elephanta is a very peaceful and quiet place, in stark contrast to the frenetic sensory stimulating (not always a good thing) Mumbai.   We happened to be in the city for new years eve, and that was a real treat, we splashed out at  the Taj Mahal hotel for dinner and then stayed on to watch the fireworks. Walking the streets after midnight back to our hotel let us see how many homeless people there are in Mumbai, at places the sidewalks are covered with people sleeping one next to the other. 




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