Photographs by Wendy and Shaun O'Boyle

Bicycle rickshaw jam, traffic is a real problem in all of India's cities, this being Delhi, the capital of India. The best way to get around is to walk the cities and see the sites along the way.

Wandering the side streets and alleys in Delhi one finds myriad small shops seeming to be very specialized in what they do for work. This man was recovering gold from old Saris by burning them. 

Many people set up shop right in the streets selling their good. It is difficult to tell where many of the people you meet in the streets are from, some are new to the city and are working very hard as vegetable sellers, rickshaw pullers and drivers for a few rupees a day. 

Shoe repair shop. Many of the shops we saw in India are no wider than a person sitting down cross legged, and no deeper than 4 feet. In these little stands would be packed many many small cheap items for sale; incense, playing cards, cigarettes, soap, candy, thread etc. These stalls would be lined up one after the other with the same goods for sale. It was hard to see how one would make any decent sales with this arrangement. 

Street food stall from our hotel balcony at night. The street stalls are a popular place to eat and we had many meals at such places during our one month stay in India. If there is one problem in India for budget travelers it is getting good food (read clean and safe). I had more stomach ailments in my one month is India than in all our other travels combined. 




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