As a group we moved to a central area with a  picnic table and are given full instructions on how to behave when close to the birds. Only talk in whispers, no sudden movements. We would be spending all the observing time in blinds so it is necessary to open and close viewing hatches on the walls. Only do this one side at a time so the birds can't see thru the blind and possibly fly into one. We split into groups and are lead to the blinds. Four of us fit into a blind, it was a bit snug but we had room to move around and wrestle with all the camera gear we had with us. 

We saw several pairs of razorbills auks on MSI. It was the first time for seeing this bird for me. 


Here are 2 puffins near the entrance to their nest. Occasionally we would see a puffin fly in with a beak full of herring, but they would very quickly disappear into the rocks to feed their chick. I suppose they move fast so none of the other puffins wouldn't try to steal their catch.


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