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I started my photography right after high school, a friend and I developed a roll of B&W film we shot with his mothers cheapo 120 cartridge camera. I was hooked. I wandered down to the local camera store and since I didn't have a clue as to what I wanted I bought what the sales guy pushed at me, which happened to be a Yashica FR 35 mm body and a 50mm lens.  I then proceeded to convert my parents downstairs bathroom into a darkroom from which to this day it still has not recovered.  I spent that entire winter in the darkroom, Mom's nice wallpaper peeling from the walls around me. You can still see the corrosion on the faucets and drain plug from the acid stop baths and fixer. While working at the Avondale shipyard I became interested in industrial sites and this was the beginning of my interest in photographing ruined industrial sites. More on this in my bio.

I moved into the Contax line of cameras years later when I was living in New York working at Deborah Natsios's architectural firm and was able to afford the jump up. Of course the decision to stay with Contax was based on the fact that by that time I had several Yashica wide angle and telephoto lenses for the Yashica FR with the same contax lens mount and I didn't have the cash to afford a complete Contax system.  So I slowly weaned myself off the yashica lenses into Zeiss optics. Expensive but I think worth it. Of course I can not complain about the quality of the Yashica lenses, the Everest Trek, Burma, Hospital X and the Boatyard shoots were done exclusively or partially with yashica lenses and they performed wonderfully.  My new addition is the Contax G system. I just returned from Costa Rica where I used this system extensively, as well as on the Girls School, the State Hospital for the Insane and the Big Steel shoots and the results are really nice, I can see a difference between these lenses and my 35 SLR zeiss lenses, they are superb. I have to say that the G system is my favorite all around camera system I have ever used, it is light weight, compact, I can easily carry a body and 4 -5 lenses with film in a comfortable waist bag. It is definitely my system of choice for everything except tight macro and long telephoto work, which I do little of anyway. 


My current system:

Canon 10D Digital SLR, Canon EOS 5 film body,17-40 f/4, 50 macro f/2.5, 50 1.8, 70-200 f/4

1 Contax 159mm body, 2 RTSII bodys, 18mm, 28mm, 60 macro 1:1, 135mm, 200mm f4, 35-70 zoom, Mutar II, all Zeiss optics.

G1 and G2 bodies, 21 Biogon, 28 Biogon, 35 Planar, 45 Planar, 90 Sonnar

I also have two Rollei gems, the Rollei 35SE Sonnar black and the Rollei 35 German Tessar chrome which both have excellent optics and are engineering marvels. Beautifully designed pocket cameras that I have taken everywhere including trekking up to Mt. Everest Basecamp in the Nepal Himalayas.

I recently picked up a Canon S400 megapixel camera, very nice pocket digital camera. 


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