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Barry Masterson Shoots with me often, so his image are interesting to see; same sites, quite different images.

Bob Garrison "The Trail Bandit", Bob has a great website and has produced the best map of the island of St. John in the USVI. I've used his map extensively to explore and photograph the island.

Henk van Rensbergen has an excellent site with great photographs of industrial ruins in Belgium and other areas in and around Europe. Highly recommended.

Geoffrey Van Beylan has an excellent eye for photographing ruins, have a look at his Exposed Photography site.

SAIGA yuji - Excellent photographs of an abandon island off the coast of Japan.

Harald Finster has an excellent site, many steel mills, coal mines and other industrial sites with beautiful photography. has some excellent photographs on display (including a group of my photographs), well worth a look.

Tim Edensor - British Industrial Ruins. Tim's excellent writing and photographs shed light on the subtle and difficult to write about subject of ruins and their many implications. Also another site here.

Troy Paiva has a really interesting site titled "Lost America", photographs of various ruins in the desert at night. 

I ran into Peter and Nic while photographing the Coal Breaker, they both have some good photographs of that site, as well as other good work.

The Vanishing Point - Storm Drainage, Utility Tunnels, Mines.

Manubu Nakamoto has some interesting industrial and ruins photographs from Japan.

Urban Exposure : black and white photography, photojournalism and documentary photography gallery 

I wrote an intro to photographing ruins for that you can find here.

Urb-ex A Belgian based UE site

Hudson Valley Ruins a great site featuring ruins and historical information on Hudson Valley sites.

Dark Passage has some good sites to check out, and has visited some of the same sites I have with a different perspective. 

Forgotten NY Dedicated to the unusual or 'forgotten' things you pass in the NYC street every day and never notice, like ancient advertising, remnants of trolley tracks, old signs, cast iron lampposts, waterfalls in the Bronx, farms in Queens, and much more.

Fabulous Ruins of Detroit Detroit being a town with a long industrial history there are many interesting ruins. The Hudson's Department Store photographs are a must see.

Some great photographs of ruins in Japan on this  site, worth a look. Japanese graffiti is a nice change from the western character language graffiti.

Elsa Dorfman's site is great to browse for the photography, and the writing that is there. published an article about "infiltration" in which my site and several of the others sites linked here get mentioned.

Waylon Brinck has some good images of Gary industrial ruins, steel mills.

Hours of Darkness by Jason Krieger& Kevin Beichle has some good images, night photographs, check it out. Yves Marchand's photographs of Ruins in France.

Anna Audette has a site featuring her beautiful paintings which "comment on the melancholy beauty found in relics of our industrial past." 

Liza Cowen Has a great site, some images of abandon boats as well, have a look. Urban ruins. Lots of good sites visited.

photosensitive young woman good modern ruins essays.

Dylan Trigg Author of The Aesthetics of Decay: Nothingness, Nostalgia, and the Absence of Reason

Urban_Trip Industrial Ruins from Moscow,

Photo. net - A good photo resource including discussion forums. A comprehensive site devoted to the art and technique of landscape photography plus some good equipment reviews.

Jos Gruythuysen Good european industrial and urban ruins sites

Save our Steel and Steel workers archive are both Bethlehem Steel related sites.

Khomatech The works of Karol Lasia

Past Glory - The Abandoned, Decayed and Forgotten [Urban Exploration]

Things Magazine "objects can open up new ways of understanding the world."



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